​All around us, I see posts about how when Trump won, so did sexism, racism and hate. But the issue runs much deeper.

First think about this question— would you mind so much about caste-based reservation if there were enough seats in colleges? If people were hardly even applying to AIIMS or IIT because there were so many seats?


Then let’s come to our point. 

If you look at all international and national events— Brexit, Trump’s victory, Unrest among the middle class and higher classes in India, you’ll see something very common about them: lack of resources. Why do Americans or British hate migrants? Because they take away jobs. Why do many males not like females working? Because they offer competition in jobs. Why do they want to make UK/US great again? Because there was no race for survival before. Why do we hate reservation? Because we don’t have any seats left!

Traditionally better off classes are getting competition from lower classes whose state is improving, and who can now fight back. And what better way to assuage your fear and disgust than to blame the migrants (globally), the ‘biharis’ (in India), the ‘muslim-terrorists’ (in Europe), the feminazis (globally)? And there you have it— your xenophobia, your racism, your sexism. It may be a variety of reasons (like historical hypocrisy and superiority complexes), but the root cause is lack of resources and overpopulation forcing money out of traditional powerhouses.

And then jackals called politicians will come and feed into this frenzy and chaos by tapping into your fear. Tell us how muslim population is growing at the cost of hindus. Build a wall to stop Mexican migrants. Exit from the EU to stop them from taking away our jobs. One of the reasons why people have voted for Trump is because they felt they wouldn’t be able to afford Hillary’s policies.

And so it continues without anyone recognising the actual problem. That we have over-exceeded the carrying capacity of the earth. More people, less resources. 

There will be no WWIII to exterminate humankind— just battles for survival (Take African civil wars, or even the recent Cauvery spat!). All because we didn’t know when to stop exploiting our earth.


3 thoughts on “Trump et al.— The Global Storm

  1. Reblogged this on Marcus Ampe's Space and commented:
    The displeasure and rancour having people voting for the anti-establishment fighters is created by the politicians who closed their ears for the many cries of the people who felt that they became poorer and poorer, whilst those on top made every effort to enrich themselves.


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