Back to the Routes…

Well, believe it or not, it all started with a pineapple seller. I and my dad were buying a pineapple from this tall, wiry man in the Delhi cantonment, and what was expected to be an ordinary economic transaction, turned out to be an entertaining performance of Pineapple Wizardry. At first we were amused to see him solemnly put on plastic gloves and arming himself with a long, sharp knife in one hand, and a pineapple in the other- both looking like two warriors ready for a duel. But soon, our amusement turned into breathless amazement as the spiky hard pineapple started twirling to a unheard music while the knife carved it like butter. Far quicker than expected, he handed us his masterpiece pineapple without a clue as to his astounding skill.

This got me thinking— isn’t India filled with such gems and treasures in every street and every corner? Be it Delhi Cantonment’s Pineapple Seller, who will silence you in awe in the middle of a busy market, or Mussoorie’s secret pancake shop which will make you sing aloud in the middle of nowhere.

So this is how Back to the Routes came into being. It is the record of my journey to explore India. It is the understanding of the past of India, an exploration of the present, and an insight into its future.

The ancient, hundred year old, skyscraper tree you see in the blog icon is from Sim’s Park in Coonoor. It taught me one thing with its long and deep roots – that the deeper and stronger are your roots, the higher you will go.

So here we are – starting to delve deeper into the past in order to build a better tomorrow.

Back to the Routes…